Warning: Do not install this app if you are not asked by Government of Manipur to quarantine !!!

Standard Operating Procedure for Home Quarantine App (QuarMon)

If you have been advised by the Government of Manipur to undergo home quarantine (after discharge from Institute/Community centre), you have to install the QuarMon app on your smartphone. The government will monitor location through this app during your quarantine period. Please follow the instructions below :-
  • 1. Install QuarMon
  • Warning : If you are not advised by Government of Manipur for home quarantine, please do not download or use this app.
    • (a) Android
      • Download the mobile app QuarMon on your smartphone from here.
      • Click on the downloaded file to install the app (You may be asked to change system settings to allow "Install app from unknown sources".)
      • If you see "Cannot open file error!!", please open your file manager/downloads menu and install the QuarMon-1.5.apk file from there. You may try a browser other than chrome.
    • (b) Apple iOS
      • Please search for QuarMon in Apple’s App Store and install it. A minimum iOS version of 9 is required.
      • QuarMon currently does not support Dark Mode (for iOS 13 and above). To disable Dark Mode go to Settings->Display & Brightness->select ‘Light’ mode and toggle off ‘Automatic’.
    • (c) Other
      • QuarMon is not currently available for Feature phones and other mobile platforms
  • 2. Register yourself
    • You need to complete registration before leaving the Community/Institute Quarantine centre for home
    • Open the app and press on the "Register" button.
    • Enter your details. You need to provide at least one mobile number.
    • After successful registration, a unique QID will be generated for you.
    • Please take note of this QID for future reference and submit this QID to the concerned authorities at the Community/Institute Quarantine centre at the time of discharge.
  • 3. Start Quarantine
    • Only after reaching your home (place where you will be home quarantined), please click on "Start Quarantine" button and follow the instructions in the app.
    • You have to take a selfie photo (without face mask) every two hours (8 am to 6 pm) by clicking "Take Selfie" button in the app till your quarantine period is over.
Important !!! : Please keep Data connection and GPS "ON" all the time during Quarantine Period.
Quarantine Monitoring System, Goverment of Manipur, 2020
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